Schlegel, Ursula / Madaus, Stephan / Allison, David (Hrsg.)
Global Restructuring Toolkits
A Handbook
C.H. Beck
1. Aufl. 2025 / ca. 1000 S.

Termin: August 2025

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Reihe: Kooperationswerke Beck - Hart - Nomos

This book provides a global collection of approx. 50 handson restructuring toolkits at national levels and introductions to multilateral procedural and collision rules.

National restructuring toolkits: Approx. 50 national restructuring toolkits are practical introductions to national insolvency and restructuring jurisdictions. They also provide graphical charts of procedures and glossaries translating or paraphrasing relevant terminology. The focus is on the typical requirements of modern crossborder insolvency practice, enabling the reader to compare legal systems and understand them individually in the shortest possible time.
Multilateral procedural and collision rules: The introductory chapter of the book provides an overview of the different levels of crossborder relevance in insolvency and restructuring cases. After describing the scope of relevant legal frameworks for cross-border insolvency, the applicable provision for cases with different degrees of foreign elements are analyzed: a foreign creditor, or debtor to the debtor, assets abroad, or an establishment abroad. The chapter ends with a look at specific frameworks for cross-border corporate group cases.