Hornung, Gerrit / Papakonstantinou, Vagelis / Spicker, Indra
General Data Protection Regulation
Article-by-Article Commentary
C.H. Beck
1. Aufl. 2023 / 1211 S.

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Reihe: Kooperationswerke Beck - Hart - Nomos

The new European General Data Protection Regulation directly affects all EU member states and raises numerous problems for legal consultation. Its impact on international companies doing business in the EU is enormous; national legislation has to face questions of the scope of the regulation as well as the potential and need for national regulation. Its broad and open articles leave room for wide interpretation.

The new commentary covers all topics and critical aspects elicited by the new regulation and its interpretation. The commentary focuses on the regulation itself, including cross-references to further provisions (e.g. the Police and Criminal Justice Data Protection Directive, the E-Privacy-Directive or the former Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC).

Article by article the purpose of a provision is classified, its background, function and structure analyzed and its content interpreted. The commentary provides an independent view of all topics, presenting both an overview and specific interpretation that provide far-reaching arguments.

Thus, the commentary imprints on the European and transnational dialogue reflecting the special quality of the GDPR. Additionally, concepts based on a national legal system, the experiences of the DPD of 1995 or case law relevant in specific countries are further sources of illustration and inspiration.

The advantages at a glance
- up-to-date
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