Smeulers, Alette / Grünfeld, Fred
International Crimes and Other Gross Human Rights Violations
A Multi- and Interdisciplinary Textbook
1. Aufl. 2011 / 542 S.

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Reihe: International and Comparative Criminal Law Series. Band: 32

International crimes such as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes as well as other gross human rights violations are manifestations of collective violence which endanger international peace and security. and warrant our full attention. It however takes a multi- and interdisciplinary approach to understand the true nature and causes of this type of criminality. The aim of this book is to take such an approach and to provide university students, scholars, professionals and practitioners within the field with the knowledge they need. The legal background and particularities of international crimes; the social context in which these crimes are committed as well as the perpetrators and bystanders thereof are studied. Within the book many case studies are presented as illustrations.